I want to go coyote hunting

Discussion in 'Maine Predators Hunting' started by SOOTMONKEY, Jan 5, 2007.

  1. Hey Guys
    I think I know of a good place to go coyote hunting. I have never tried hunting coyotes before. I am thinking of buying an electronic caller. Do you have a favroite? Do they work? What about this baiting thing? How long should I put baits out before some action? Are coyotes worth anything unskined? Is a coyote pelt (with bullet hole) worth anything? I have carried a gun in the woods for darn near 30 years but know nothing about hunting coyotes. I bought a crow tape at the end of last season and tried it in a 19.95 tape player.....man what a blast.....can't wait for the spring season. Just a monkey chewin on a bannanna. cheers
  2. I prefer a "new dimension" caller with digital sounds...made here in maine. baits should be set as soon as you know where you can hunt. Best place to hunt? ask the Wardens...they know where they are congregating based on complaints. Most hide dealers will buy" green" but pay less than skun......skins are getting up around the 15.00 mark..some higher. Warden will know who buys hides in your area.

  3. Baiting should work within a day or two assuming the coyotes are in the area. You may want to secure the bait somehow so they can't drag it off somewhere. Last year calling worked well as the coyotes weren't hitting baits as well due to the lack of snow. They catch on quick to the calling so you may have to change locations after you whack a couple.
  4. calling is good where i am...baiting is a great way to bring em' in i use beaver carcases,chicken's dead ones of course ....we are using a few dead cow's this year too.... some good shooting there....i use a mouth call....(double wammy ) by primos call's...and a electronic call together sound's like there is a whole pack of the little #@$%#@ in the area.....i even had a couple of bobcat's come in.....to bad they didnt leave on there own.....:)