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Seems there was these two flatlanders come up to the county to do a little togue fishing out at Drews Lake. They had all the modern gadgets and top of the line "Super-sonic" sleds. After they dragged there 3 bedroom deluxe ice shack out and got the satellite dish working. They set to work drilling holes and running baits.
Well about two hours and no hits later they spooted this old-timer down the lake about 100 yards hauling fish after fish out of his one little 6 inch hole. They looked around at their rigs and not a flag was flying.
They sat back and waited...drinkin a little JD and some Molson to keep the frost off. Still after another hour........ they still couldn't buy a hit. There he was down the hits left right and sideways.
The first guy jumped up and stormed down the lake..JD in hand, saying he was goinig to get to the bottom of it and swore he would be right back. Now this fella storms up to the old-timer and in a not so polite tone or manner demanded to know how it was that he could be getting so many hits.
The old fella just rolls his eyes at him and mumbles something incoherant. So he gives him the JD and says its to tell him the secret. Again the old fella mumbles something incoherant at him.
That fella just storms up the lake .......and tells his pal that the old coot has lost his mind and wouldn't tell him anything.
Now was his turn and he was going to get to the bottom of this no matter what. He storms down the lake carrying a case of Molson and some steaks.
He instantly offered up the beer and the steaks for the secret.......the old-timer smiles and again mummbles something incoherant. That was it...the second guy grabs the old-timer and threatens to thrash him if doesn't tell them the secret.
The old-timer gasps for air spits something out in his hand and in fear for hir life informs the guy that what he had been saying was true............ You have to keep your worms warm!!!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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