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    We are booking hunts now for all of the 5 species of turkey. We have Merriam hunts available in beautiful mountains of Colorado, Montana & New Mexico, Rio hunts in sprawling Texas and with 12 outfitters to choose from we have a Rio hunt in the exact location of Texas that will best fit your needs. We are booking hunts for Osceola's in Florida or big, Easterns in the famous Black Belt region of Alabama. We have semi guided, 2 bird limit, 3 day hunts with food and lodging included for as low as $700 + lic. or if your wanting the experience of a very qualified guide to tip the scales in your favor, you can go on a fully guided ,2 bird limit,3 day hunt, food and lodging included for as low as $1100 + lic.for all the species except Gould's in Mexico and Osceola in Florida, they will run $1800 + lic.
    Call Toll Free; 1-877-647-9926