Is 1" accuracy good enough?

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  1. I recently read an article in one of the major gun magazines in which the author ranted about the need for .5 MOA or better hunting rifles. :shock:
    (For any of you who are unfamilar with MOA it stands for Minute Of Angle, which translates to about 1" at 100yds). First of all the average shooter is not capable of shooting even 1 MOA so any additional potential would merely be wasted. What the author failed to recognize is tha accuracy is a three leg stool, consisting of the gun, the ammunition, and most importantlythe shooter. An ultra accurate gun only comprises 1/3 of the accuracy picture. Rather than more accurate guns, we need cheaper ammo and more time practice shooting technique. Remember an accuracy guarantee for a particular gun does not mean it will shoot that well in your hands, and also remember most deer hunting engagements are at less than 100yds.
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    Well said and I concur, however. Can it not be said that if a particular rifle fits and feels the most comfortable to the shooter that could affect the results of the accuracy count? I would think it would.

  3. Without a doubt fit is very important and definately affects accuracy. technique and practice are the most important factors.
  4. A lot of time someone will say their gun doesn't shoot
    "group" well. Most times it is either they haven't found the right ammo, or load that works well in that gun. Most guns will shoot and group well with something. You just need to find what that is.
  5. For us New England guys our average shot is less than 100yards. Many people ask me the question when looking at scopes as to how far the scope will shoot out to. My answer is always that the scope doesn't shoot it just gives the view of what you are shooting and the caliber of rifles you shoot, the ammuntition, and your practice and comfort comes into effect when shooting at a given distance. I'll admit I'm not a tack driver when I shoot. I've found that the remington core lokt ammo is the most inexpensive and gives me the accuracy I need when shooting out to even 200yards. I've taken 1 deer at 280 yards and was confident because I was shooting a .270 with 130 grain ammuntion, and I had a solid rest and a broadside shot. I'm not a competive shooter I just need to hit an area roughly the size of a paper plate when deer hunting.
  6. You hit it right on the nose.
    To shoot well you need to shoot often.
    300 Yards is a long way........ Even off a bench.

    :shock: :shock: :shock:
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    I believe that in all the years I've hunted, I haven't attempted but one shot that was over 100 yards.
    I don't shoot enough to get that practice, practice, practice Earlthepearl but I agree with what you are saying.
    The original question I think was is 1" close enough? I guess if you bring down a deer it is. If your entering a competition - probably not.
  8. I'd say that 1 inch at 100 yards is plenty enough accurate for hunting conditions. I am getting that from my New England Firearm Single shot 243 bull barrel at 200 yards...... Most the time anyway. I do shoot. Most weeks I shoot at least a half box of shells. Hey you got to shoot to keep in practice.
    Small caliber guns are fun to shoot, and cheep to shoot. No sore shoulder after shooting a bit. 22 Mag-223-243 and smaller are cheep enough to shoot often. If your only going to shoot a week before the season you can't expect to shoot good. Maybe off a bench-OK, but not off a standing shot.
    Get out there and shoot- practice practice practice.
    I shoot red squirrels with the 243 just to keep in practice.
    They don't sit long, and at times give you a few quick shots while moving to just see how good you are.
    I guess some people live in ares that they can't do this though, but most places will have some type of range to go to. No excuses for not shooting your guns...........
  9. I voted NO but I just thought of one exception. If you are squirrel hunting in open hardwoods, I would say you MAY need to shoot better the 1" groups. Everything else is more than big enough that 1" is close enough to quickly kill it.
    Mosquitos and black flies don't have an open season yet.
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    There should be a season on em. Man, I've seen some mosquitos bigger than some deer I've seen.