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Is anyone getting excited?

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First half of moose season opens on Monday. Who's getting geared up and ready?
We know moose is. He probably hasn't slept in days.
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I'm way behind on my preperations and I've had little sleep. We had a bunch of Katrina victims brought here and I have been pulling shifts in the shelter for the county government. So the good thing is I now have enough comp time to cover most of the moose hunt. They shut the shelter ops down today so this will be a big weekend for me to get ready. The most dreaded project is the cleaning of the garage to fit a new frezzer in. Mine died a few years back and I never replaced it. Big mistake cause it didn't take long for its place to get filled with other junk :roll:

I got the second season but I have a good friend who's kid pulled a Bull tag for the first season same zone as me (3) and I'm looking forward to the reports from the field of what all they are seeing. I plan to roll out of Raleigh early on the 5th and get to PQI sometime on the 6th.

I can hardly wait to be back in Maine !!!!
Get that freezer ready. Moose steaks will be coming soon.
Did you see where Maine is proposing expanding the hunt to more zones and eventually to include all of the state?
They are also considering auctioning off 500 permits to raise money for the Department.
Well the expanding the zones be great, seems like the population is strong throughout the state. I’m sure the southern end of the state the leaf peepers and the anti’s will get their panties in a wad about a hunting season. Maybe they’ll run it after the leaves are gone to avoid some of the conflict.
Now on to raising money for the department by auctioning tags I got some issue with that. I’m not sure but I suspect there are some on here that will know the answer to my question. Why is Inland Fisheries broke? Did their funds get raided for projects and government short comings not directly related to fish and wildlife? They get a % of the tax on sporting good equipment, guns, ammunition etc as well as fees for licenses and tags. If its like here in NC some politician saw a untapped account and found a way to get some of the $ Auctioning off tags in my view is a slippery slope that if carried to its logical conclusion will knock the little guy out of the hunt and only allow the rich to afford it.
Well thats enough deep thinking for me on a Friday night :wink: :lol:
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Well every thing is packed just need to load the truck when I get home from work. Got an email from my brother with a photo of Erica's Bull

Well I hope to have a great photo or two to share when I get back. Wish me luck :) Keep an eye out for me driving N95 white f150 crew cab with NC Tags and give me a wave :wink:
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Bye bye Moose!! Good luck! Geez, nice looking!

The bull ain't bad either!
:lol: :lol: :lol:

Yea nice bull! :D
Isn't she alittle young for you Kenton 6? :lol: :lol:
I don't know! I can't see that well. How old is she?
I have said now for a few years that now I understand why God let us have bad eyesight and poor hearing when we got older.

With the eyesight being bad, everything looks good and with the hearing it's a good excuse to not hear some things - if you know what I mean.
Sounds good, I guess I can buy that. :lol: :lol:
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