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Is Poaching of Game Serious?

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Do you think poaching is a serious thing in your area and do you think the punishments for poaching fit the crime?
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I don't think they are harsh enough. Most get off with a fine and loss of hunting license for a few years or so. (if your a poacher what do you care if you lose your hunting license?) Law allows them to take the truck, take the gun etc they ought to. It seems that here in NC they rarely do.
We have trouble with guys turning their dogs lose on posted property to run the game off to an area where they can hunt them. Hunting on the road. etc. Your lucky if you can get a warden to respond to a complaint. Find lots of bucks around road ditches and fields shot and some with antlers cut off. What a waste got to start making some examples.

Heres a place getting tough
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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