it only took 34 years

Discussion in 'Maine Moose Hunting' started by Lucky34, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. Finally got m y Zone 8 Bull permit. Now I'm trying to decide if I want to try using my Recurve Bow or stick with a rifle. Anyone know if the moose are scarce in Zone 8?
  2. try the Tim pond road 2 friends, connected there

  3. I filled my tag less than 1 hour opening day off the long pond loop road. Really nice bull. All 3 hunters in camp filled out by 10 am.
  4. Great job Lucky 34 what did the rest harvest?
  5. All big mature bulls by 10:00am mine was 16pnt. 49in. Other 2 were 8 pnt. 50 in. and 3rd was 43 in. 8pnt I think. All bulls were 780 to 800 dressed weight
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  6. Great Job Congratulations to all
  7. I can't decide if I would want to hunt moose or not. Maybe I'll apply next year.