Ithaca Gun Company Shut Down

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  1. The Ithaca Guns Company had been providing some of the best shotguns in the country since the late 1800's. In late June the company shut its doors for good. After changing hands several times in the 1980's it had appeared that their financial troubles were over, sadly this was not the case. Due to poor sales, Ithaca Gun LLC. was unable to make payments on its machinery which it had put up as collateral on a loan they recieved. While there is some talk of a potential buyer, this very sad news. An American legend has gone under, we can only hope it is not for good. :cry:
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    Geez! I wasn't aware they were having their troubles. You're right - some great shotguns over the years.
    It would be nice to see something break for them so they can get back to business.

  3. That's terrible news, Ithaca37...