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For all members of the Jay/Livermore Falls Hunting Club don't forget this Sunday Sept. 9,2012 is the meeting and supper at the Jay VFW. You can pay your dues and get new members signed up. Anyone interested in joining can contact Jeff Newcomb at (207) 320-3408 or Chickie Chicone at (207) 931-5166. Dues are just $20 a year, the hunting club has a shooting range located in North Jay. The club scales are located at Brettun's Pond Variety in Livermore. At the end of the season there is an awards supper, we have trophies for all categories: Deer, Moose, Bear, Turkey, Bow Hunting, Bobcat, ect. Please come and join us, if you love the outdoors and love to hunt this is a great hunting club to join.
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