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  1. So what is it everybody does? I think it will be interesting to see what kind of jobs we all have. Some of you are Maine Guides but work elsewhere during off season. So if you feel comfortable let us know what you do for a living and if you have a work website feel free to leave a link in this forum to it.
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    I count beans. I am a CPA, I own a small accounting firm in Western Maine. This is a busy time of year, but it is nice to have a break from it everyonce in a while.

  3. I write a bit of outdoor stuff, some fishing some for prospecting.

    I play around with retail - mostly sporting goods and lately RC stuff. I have been in retail off and on since high school.

    I was a carpenter from 1982 till the late 90's and still do a little building now and then.

    Since 1990 I have guided every chance I get, from Stripe Bass to Smallmouth, a little deer, bear, turkey & duck hunting. I had a hand in guiding a (single) Moose hunt and won't do it again soon!

    Whatever I do, if it stops being fun, I find something else to do!
  4. im currently unemployed, but im hoping Morris Yachts will hire me
  5. I am a full time Stay at Home Dad and I also work out of my home when I can.
  6. I did that for quite a few years myself, Steve! Guiding around weekends and sitters when I could. It really makes you appreciate what SOME women do.
  7. I hated it at first. I am beginning to really enjoy it. Biggest problem is not being able to get out much. I spend a lot of time inside, especially during the winter. I am an outdoors person so it is hard for me some days to stare at the walls. :roll:
  8. I'm in my 15th year in the preasure sensitive films industry, and I just sent my application in today to go back to school. :shock:
    What a thing for a man my age to have to do. :roll:
  9. Hey that's great! :D

    What is it you are going back to school for? It is never too late to ever go back to school.
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    Let's see............ I guide flyfishing and hunting, started in '83 in WV guiding spring break and summers. I make bamboo flyrods and do some restoration and repair. I work part-time in outdoor retail, like MadJack, been doing that since I got out of the military in '93. We have a 3yo and a 2yo, and before we moved up here, I was the stay at home dad, with a playpen and crib in the workshop.

    Like a good friend of mine likes to say "If you don't have a great education, marry one." His wife just finished her PhD in Pharmacology. I'm lucky to have a wife who brings home the real bacon, so we can have all the little extras, like food, shelter, and clothing :lol:

    I guess my title would be professional woods bum.