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So what is it everybody does? I think it will be interesting to see what kind of jobs we all have. Some of you are Maine Guides but work elsewhere during off season. So if you feel comfortable let us know what you do for a living and if you have a work website feel free to leave a link in this forum to it.
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Remember the time my 5 iron went into the woods?
I remember several times. Not sure when the 5 iron went in but I do recall several. Oh wait, are you talking about Bethel Inn hole 10 was it??

Remember when I used to come home with all kinds of golf balls after I went searching in the woods for hours. I just waited until you got done playing 18 holes and brought a big backpack with me. I bet 80% of all those balls were yours... :lol:
You're cruisin! Want me to start posting pictures?
Oh hey remember the time you teed up on the 2nd hole at the Bethel Inn and you sliced like 15 of them right out into the woods. Then you got so ticked off you came swinging real hard and sent that puppy over the green, over the road, and onto the lawn of the house across the street. Never have I seen anybody hit a golfball that far in all my life.
Hey Guys.....I have the perfect job. I restore antiques and repair furniture for people too rich and too cheap just to replace it. If that wasn't bad enough I am a Graphic Artist and create or publish just about anything doable on the computer. Then after I work my twenty hours per week at about 25.00 per hour. I hunt and fish about 100 hours per week. I may not be rich but I am very happy!!!!!!
Sounds like a fun jub if you enjoy that work. There are people out there that are good at refinishing. Sounds like you are enjoying what you do...
I'm a Mental Health Profesional my actual title is a Psychosocial Rehabilitationist. I run a mental health day program in inner city Raleigh NC. "You don't have to be crazy to work here but on some days it helps." :roll: :lol:
Maybe I can come down and you can evaluate my mental health...

Some days it probably wouldn't hurt... :wink:
I love working on old furniture...but I do more than refinish. I make new parts and carve matching details. I do a museum quality restoration and have had my work sold at auction by Sotheby's. That's why I charge 25.00 an hour.

Write lockout/tagout documents in a paper mill for a living. but in real life 3rd generation canoe builder,togue fisherman, hunter and defender of sportsman's rights
Now the truth in what we do is coming out. Oh, by the way! Did I welcome you to the MHFs wangan? Welcome

Truth? I'm a patient of Moose's
Welcome wangan......cedar strip canoes?
Man, strip canoes are a gorgeous manmade creation!
Made a 17 footer in adult ed course about 10 years ago. Had the molds until my divorce about 5 years ago. Sold them to a buddy.......who makes beautiful canoes.
Who's next...........?
ummmmmmmmmmmmm..guess I don't really have a job. I do alot of renovation work,guiding,and also upsetting the locals here in Patten..
John Porter
Hi John, Welcome to the forum!
I know that name from somewhere...........maybe
Hi John and welcome to MHF! :wave:
Welcome John Porter !!!!!!! Hey is Pinette still buying fur or did he quit?
Howdy JP from Patten!
I like those "I guess I don't really have a job" responses. I'm jealous!
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