just found these guys waiting for me

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  1. got my deer on Monday and now it's back to important things. I'll be working on these guys
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  3. well so much for my over confidence. lesson learned. coyotes are never easy. I've put in a lot of time and no sightings since this pic almost a month ago. 1st I need another road kill, cause they've heard all my howls. you can't go into the same place day after day unless there's something to hold them there. this is where persistence and patience are needed and putting your brain in gear. one other thing, deer season and a lot of folks in the woods and I for sure don't want to mess up some ones chance for a deer
  4. been on about 40 sets and no luck, I'm starting to think the Russians have hacked my remote and my howls are saying something different. I'm just trying to come up with an excuse for my failures, gotta hang in there
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  5. I feel your pain Don! The coyotes are showing up on my game cameras out back of the house, but have been hitting the bait very sporadically at best. My motion sensor hasn't been working very reliably either with some tests I've run. I was just about sick when I discovered there was a big boy on the bait one Saturday morning at about quarter to 11 and I was right there at the house and never knew it....ohhhhhh boy! Like you said, gotta be persistant. I got a new Foxpro a few weeks back, and have had fun with that.... looking forward to the next couple months. Go get em!!
  6. Back in my native Ga. they seemed to be everywhere. I mostly ignored them so as not to mess up my deer hunt. But I did shoot a dark one way back then. Odd, but they also often ignored people, too.