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Just saying hello

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Im a new member here and wanted to say hello to the forum members :bana:
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Welcome aboard Rennat. Pull up a seat and as we like to say around here: "Read everything and post often..." :D
tell us a little about yourself.
hmmm about me, im 30 years old live in Maine am married with 3 kids and live to hunt , trap and fish ... I have hunted and fished in New Hampshire , Pennslyvania and Maine and have trapped as far south as Mississippi... I pretty much enjoy all aspects of the outdoors , am always trying things that i havent done as i want the full experience the woods have to offer.... Im a pretty easy goin guy but dont take any BS from anyone LOL :p

I always try to include my kids in the outdoors and educate them in areas they cant learn in front of the TV or at school... My favorites are bowhunting by myself, gun hunting, trapping and fishing with the kids...;)
Looks good, you should fit right in around here. What part of maine do you live in?
Aroostook County :mrgreen:
That stinks, we need more people like you down in Western Maine.
Hey Rennat..... see you made it on.

DT right?
Cool I think we got everybody from Aroostook county right here. :pound:

Great to have you on board.
At least most of them that can read..............
Welcome Rennat! I can assure you there is NO BS on this forum!!!:dance:
Where's my boots ........its gettin' deep.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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