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  1. During the 80's I moved from Maine to (Alabama) for a while and became quite addicted to the early morning turkey hunts; learned to mouth call and would head out prior to going work. So I understand the fever that some go thru for the challenge. I no longer hunt them.

    10days ago a guy stopped by my place and inquired if he and his friend could turkey hunt my property, as he was hunting some adjacent property but noticed lots of turkeys on my place. He further explained that he had only shot 1 in all the time he had been hunting and his partner had never shot a turkey. I told him where to setup in my pasture, and wished him good luck. The next morning around 4:30 I heard them pull in and park. Around 7:00 I hear one shot and think maybe they got one. A bit later I see them walking thru the pasture, but one of them has a turkey in each hand. Um I thought I heard only one shot, they must have shot again.

    After loading they come up the house, the friend who had never shot one, got both with one shot, nice fully mature long beards. He was shaking like a 13 year OLD GETTING HIS FIRST DEER. I smiled and thought back to the days when scoring the first time was so exciting.

    Fast forward to yesterday and the original hunter came back and hunted and later to the house and spoke with my wife explaining he had tagged out with a nice 21lb and wanted to thank me for allowing him and his friend to hunt there.

    I'm just as excited they tagged out as they are; and when I gave permission to hunt I played out a few rules. Only hunt in the locations I laid out, park the truck in a given spot, leave no trash, be respectful and legal.

    They did all I asked, and you know I'll probably let them them hunt there next spring.
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    That's great. It was nice of you to let them use your land.

  3. great story, thanks for sharing!
  4. It really was good of you to let them hunt on your land; and they reciprocated by following your rules and being polite. We need more land owners like you.
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  5. Good job for giving permission to hunt. So many people don't
  6. The guy in the 1st post "Dan" has been back and I've given him permission to deer and turkey hunt due to his desire to respect the property. Last fall he got a nice doe out back and just this morning bagged a nice spring tom. Yesterday I walked him out back to show a potential calling spot. This morning bang; nice mature tom. I even got to take the pictures. Congrats Dan.

  7. Those are some nice turkeys; congratulations.