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Just Suppose!?!

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I am curious as to people's reactions to this possible scenario.

Being that Teddy Kennedy's little boy Patrick admitted to being addicted to drugs and doesn't remember being behind the wheel of his car when he crashed it the other day (like father like son), I wonder what else he don't remember.

So, here's the deal. Any assembly of legislators, from the local, to the state on up to the Federal level, is meeting to decide on a major issue. Oh, let's say something like to overturn the 2nd Amendment that allows us to keep and bear arms.

And it passes by one vote. Makes you wonder if he or any others would remmber voting or not.

Have we come to the point where we need to test for drugs before any votes are taken on the floor?

What would you do or say if you found out that something like this passed by one vote and that same day little Kennedy or someone else, can't remember what they did.

One more question. There a good chance little Patty will become a convicted felon and will lose his right to posses a gun. Think if he is convicted he won't own one?
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