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Kimber's Raptor Goes Two-Tone

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Kimber's Custom Shop has introduced a new model of their reptilian 1911. The Raptor was launched one year ago this month. The Raptor is a standard 1911 with scale like cocking serrations and scale on the top of the slide.

The standard raptor retails for around $1000.

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That's sweet...

Just one year, eh? Any good reviews by customers on it?
Nice looking weapon. Have you had the honor of firing it yet? And what is the caliber of this one and what other calibers do they make?
The Raptor has recieved very positive press. Kimbers are regarded as the best production 1911 in the world.

The eRptor is only available in .45 ACP, however kimber has more traditional models available in .45, as well as .38 super (which is very similar to .357 magnum), 40 S&W, and 9mm.

I have never fired one, although I have seen a standard Raptor (same look only all blued) in person, beautiful piece of workmanship. :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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