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Knight and Hale 4-in-1 Squirrel call

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anyone else have experience with this? i got one today and i cant get the young squirrel distress call down.
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Dirigo......use a tape to hear the sounds and then reproduce them.....most varmint callers have a tape or CD available
it came with a tape, but i cant reproduce the sound even following the directions. when i got it, the main reed wasnt in place and just bouncing around the bellows, i dont even know which way its supposed to face. im not very impressed with this call
The reed should point into the bellows..............but all calling takes practice........try working the bellows with your off hand and against your leg or chest. Add a chorttle between barks. Notice as you move the bellows in and out how the pitch changes. Keep at it and you will be able to reproduce all of the sounds.

Hope I helped.
Is that the one they sell over here at Walmart?
ive got all of them down, except the young squirrel distress. its the one where you have to put your finger on "the reed". they dont say which one, but i assume its the squeeker. dunno, got it at willeys
I have the same call I thought.......but my reed is not exposed and can't be reached to alter the tone.

Mine came from Walmart.............but come to think of it I never have tried to do the distress call. I am going to have to look for my tape.......I love to drive the dog nuts with my practice sessions.
mine has a squeeker thing sticking out of the orange part
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