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LD486 Apprentice License

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Does anybody know anything more about this?

LD 486
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The apprentice license would be for people that are interested in starting hunting that currently do not hold a hunting license. The person holding a apprentice license would need to hunt with someone over 18 that holds a valid hunting license. Person holding license would be older than 16 also.
Good for 12 months and expires March 31? What is that about?Every other fish and game license expires December this being presented by a rabbit hunter?

Why would this state need such a license other than some adult is too damn lazy or embarassed to take the HUNTER SAFETY COURSE?

How could it be enforced?

Take the $3 or FREE safety course for crying out loud! It's not like the bulk of the population is going to just start hunting without some friend getting them into it.
I agree with Duggins...get real and buy the license !!!!!! The course is free, or cheap as he stated ..stop trying to loop hole a knot hole and do the right thing.
I'm not trying to be a jerk here but I want to ask what I think is a legitimate question.

I tend to agree with you Capn and AB. What I'm trying to realize is if there are any "legitimate" reasons for a need for this other than the stated obvious bull?
Think about it... what hunting season ends March 31 ?

Some "better than you" high and mighty legislator wants to go bunny hunting?
Maybe this has something to do with LLBEANS TRAIL & CONDOS. The rich europeans come over and buy a $2000 shotgun to hunt bunnies and for a mere $7 fee ($27 for non-res) and no time to wait for a hunter safety course, they can go out with any adult with a hunting license and kill something, without hiring a guide!

W A R N I N G will rogers, W A R N I N G !

How much is a non-resident license?

Just think for a moment how far does this reach? I see lopeholes everywhere with many of these proposed changes.
Agreed! Tuesday next week, this bill is on the agenda for a work session. If I can, I'll listen in and maybe live-blog it.
My biggest concern with this bill and just about every other one being presented, is a bill to appease a special interest group. Just like the extra deer tag for archers.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. If there are enough deer to go around that bow hunters can take two deer, then extend the season a bit more so that ALL hunters have a chance to tag out.

Special interests and money will destroy hunting and fishing in Maine just like it is everwhere else. It's all about how to make money by lying to the hunter telling him he is being given "MORE HUNTING OPPORTUNITIES".
I agree. I see no advantage to this. If your an adult and you want to try hunting go spend a weekend, maybe two to get through the hunter safety course.

The other people that will benefit are those that want to shoot two deer and have someone tag the first. What a chance for wives to have a "apprentice" license.
Ok, make it simple for us simple folk, What is the bill supposed to allow?
Just another example of augusta thinking with their......instead of their heads.
Now, now, hang on AB. We know who the sponsors and co-sponsors are - Representative RICHARDSON of Warren Cosponsored By: Representative CEBRA of Naples
Representative FITTS of Pittsfield
Representative HANLEY of Gardiner
We just don't know who are what egged them on to do it. It's a stupid bill. Almost as stupid as giving archery hunters an extra deer tag.

Next year I'll submit a bill to give left-handed people who wear wool clothing, no gloves and use only doe in heat lure, an extra tag! Please.

My point is, it's not always "Augusta" - not always.
Still unclear, what is the bill supposed to do/ allow?
Sorry, Chris! I thought you were being fascitious.

It is my understanding that the intent of the bill is to allow first-time hunters to be able to give it a try with an adult licensed hunter. They would be restricted to a muzzleloader rifle and have to be "with" the other licensed hunter.

They would NOT be required to take the hunter safety class and the one season opportunity would expire at the end of the "season".

To further explain: Some people are concerned about new hunter recruitment. It is no secret that it appears to becoming harder and harder each year to replace with young and new hunters, those who are giving it up, mostly do to old age.

In looking for ways of recruiting new hunters to the sport, some feel that the requirement of taking the hunter safety course is a deterrent. This bill would provide one way to "skirt" around the required course.

I think that it would be safe to say that if it is determined that this is a legitimate deterrent to hunting AND it is determined that allowing a new hunter to "try before they buy", then why not extend it to everyone?

I think it was Jack who made comment that the bill appears to be initiated by a special interest group - being that the one-time allowance would expire at the end of March and not the end of the year like ALL hunting licenses do.

I hoped I helped to explain and did so accurately.
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hhhhhhmmmmmmm....."Augusta" still looks like "Augusta" even if it hails from Gardner or Naples.
wow, your really against the archers getting an extra tag huh? what happened to support your fellow hunters even if you dont agree with their method? seems to me if you wanted an extra tag all you would have to do is pick up an archery license. why the hostlity? not saying its a great idea but there are alot of things that i dont care for but some of my fellow hunters benefit so i support it.
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There's nothing hostile about it and I wouldn't vote against it necessarily. What I am saying is that once everyone lines up for their special tag, where does it end and who gets left out?

My position is to protect hunting opportunities for everyone. Not everyone can or wants to pick up an archery license and begin bow hunting. Personally, I can't physically draw a bow but this isn't about me.

If there are enough deer to warrant that extra tags can be made available then an opportunity for ALL disciplines of hunting should be made available through a lengthened season or something like that.

So to answer your question, it's NOT about being against archers (some of them are my best friends :lol2:). It's about opportunities for everyone and being FOR all hunters.

When hunters begin lining up to collect tags for their own special interests, that's how devision and disunion is created throughout the entire hunting community.

That's my position!
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i guess i'm slow:D, who do you want to give a longer season to that wont be a specific group? unless your talking about giving an extra tag to everyone that buys a licsense than you are targetting a specific group and not all. not trying to be difficult, just trying to understand.:confused:
Never give special treatment to anyone...... unless you want to get someone else jealous.
i guess i'm slow:D, who do you want to give a longer season to that wont be a specific group? unless your talking about giving an extra tag to everyone that buys a licsense than you are targetting a specific group and not all. not trying to be difficult, just trying to understand.:confused:
What he is asking is why does an archer get to shoot an EXTRA doe, but a rifleman doesn't?
If they are going to GIVE EXTRA DOE TAGS, why not to everyone?

Get it now?

Archers supporting only archers at the expense of other hunters is "SPECIAL INTEREST" in its purist form.
so if it was a proposal for a rifle tag, you'd be against it? i doubt it. what ever season there is an extra tag in, its there for everyone. what i'm hearing is that unless they hand over a tag to every hunter to use when ever they want you guys dont want it. thats the fair way by the above definition.
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