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Live in NJ - Visiting to hunt in 2005

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Howdy Maine,
I live in southern NJ and was invited to hunt Maine in 2005 with a friend of mine. I've been hunting for 30+ years and this will be my first out-of-state hunt!!! I figured I'd better find out all I can about trying to hunt Maine (its probably a little different than hunting NJ, ya think?) and stumbled across this forum. I have 10 months to bone up on the subject, so I'll be prowling the forums trying to gain some insight. Funny thing is, I forget where I'm gonna be hunting....I know it will be on the east coast side of the state. Anyway, wanted to introduce myself and let you know I headin' on up! Best Regards, Mark
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:? After reading some of the forum topics, looks like this trip to Maine to catch a deer ain' gon' be so easy :shock: We'll still give it a try :wink:
Well, hello ambushhunter! First off I'm sorry you are from New Jersey - joke intended and secondly, hunting in Maine is quite different than alot of places but once you've been here, it may be hard to return.

Welcome to the board. We don't come here often but when we do it is with worthwhile stuff so check back in. People will respond with direct questions etc. - we are pretty laid back here.

Don't forget to visit the Maine Hunting Today website. There you will find a lot of articles tips and how to's as well as links to helpful information and tons of gear.

Find out where it is exactly you are going and we'll help you hook up with people in that area.

Visit the Maine Dept of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife site as well for rules and regulations - find the link at Maine Hunting Today.

Come back often - I hope and let us know what ya need!
Welcome to Maine Ambush Hunter! :D

Oh... and I like the name...
Thank you kindly gentlemen!! I will be checking in now and then. K6, I'm sorry I'm from NJ too. The deer and turkey hunting where I live is pretty good though. Its putting up with the convoluted gun laws, burnensome regulations and 50 different hunting zones (for which you need different permits @ $28 a pop with different regulations) that really bundles my undies. I put up with it because I have to. Remington,yea, that's how I end up with most of my deer, I ambush'em. Kind of a goofy screen name though. See you later, Ambush
I'm trying to stop in once a week and man, this joint is dead, dead ,dead. I ain't givin' up on you though!!! See ya next week, Ambush
Don't give up on us man. It's just a slow time of year.
Yea it is usually quite dead around here except for a few guys.

Maybe it will pick up a bit someday... :wink:
I'm just funnin' ya'. I know its a slow time of year. I ain' leavin' :D
Hey All! I thought I'd update this old post cause I haven't been here in awhile. Unfortunatly, I never did make that Maine hunt. My friend that has the sister there, well, crapped out on me. I'm still chasing the fine deer down here in southern NJ for now and will be bow hunting in the next couple of weeks. I really must schedule a hunt at Marks' hind-site place. I'd love to have a chance to hunt SOMEWHERE other than NJ for once in my life. Maybe someday, soon hopefully. I see the site has grown somewhat since I've been here last, great job guys. Thanks for the e-mail Steve and Tom, I entered your Maine Hunting Today scope give-away by becoming a card carrying member. Hope you all are doing well and have a good year of hunting. Talk to you soon!! Ambush
Thanks for checking in Ambush. Yeah, you got to get to Maine and hunt but glad to hear your staying with the sport in NJ.

Don't be shy here. We'll try not to hold it against you that you are in NJ :roflmao:
Why, some of my best friends are from NJ :roflmao:

Did you hear the one about the two hunters from NJ? :roflmao:

Just kidding. Good luck with the drawing for the scope to you and everyone. What a deal and I must say, that is one hell of a good scope. I'll tell you more on that later.
Thanks for the welcome back (despite the rolling laughter!!). Yea, NJ is a tough place to live in for a country boy like myself. South Jersey isn't too bad though. The gun laws stink to high heaven too.
That's for sure
You should get out while there is still time! Just kidding.
Well....I'd really like to get outta' here. Family ties and kids in school at this point in my life. I can't get them to move. My wife's mom is still amongst the living and my kids don't want to leave their friends (I've even tried bribery, new quads, rifles, etc.). I thinking about starting slow, sort of "indoctrinating" them to move. I want to buy a piece of ground in a free state and put up a small "vacation" home on it. Visit it during summer (with family) and hunt there for winter vacation. Maybe I can change some hearts and minds that way. They just need to realize how much more free the rest of the country is compared to NJ. When it gets to the point where you need a permit from your local government to change out your broken water heater, something is wrong, IMO.:twisted:
At least it seems like you heart knows where it outta be and eventually you body will end up there too.
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