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Lookin to transfer my any deer permit.

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Hi I just got my any deer permit and its for the coastal islands in zone 29. I messed up and made it one of my choices without researching it.

I cant use this because Ill never go to the islands :mad:

I am willing to sign it over to a junior hunter that will use it(or of coarse a senior), Or swap it for a zone 22 if anyone was willing to do that which I dought :)

Either way if you have a kid and could use this tag I will gladly give it over.

Hopefully next year I get it right!!
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Thats mighty generous of you. Although I don't think you can transfer a doe permit. Anyone know the specifics?
I mean swap a doe permit. I know you can transfer to a junior or Senior Citizen.
Yeah I saw that afterwards. I will do whatever I can so that someone may use it.
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