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Looking for a guide

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Hello I am looking for a Maine guide to aid in finding me a northern goshawk nest. Sound crazy please let me exsplain I am a licensed falconer in VA and I train birds of prey to hunt with me. I would like to first add I have all the permits federal and state to pull a bird from a nest. The reason I choose Maine to find a goshawk nest is you have a healthy population of goshawks my state Virginia has hardly none. Alot of woodsman and hunters see them or have an encounter and dont realize it. If you ever are out in the woods in the springtime and have had a hawk dive bomb you and scream and act crazy its a great chance it was a goshawk protecting her nest which is in the area and if I am taken to were the bird attacked I can find it. These birds nest in the same nest for years and years so it is a good chance if it happend a few years ago it could still be there. Alot of loggers find nests when surveying land so they are a great lead too. Goshawks typically nest in areas that have mature trees with open ground below if its too thick to walk thru easily its generally not a good area. They also like to nest to some kind of water supply even if its just a trickle of a stream. The nest itself is located below the tree tops in a fork or snag its a large nest made of sticks you will know what it is when you see it. If any one has seen this or heard of anything like this please let me know because I would be very interested. For me to come to Maine and go out blindly and look for a nest to pull a goshawk chick is like finding a needle in a haystack if I had weeks to scout I could probable do it but I have a limited time frame so I need help. SO IF ANY ONE CAN PLEASE HELP ME FIND MY NEXT HUNTING PARTNER IT WOULD BE GREAT. thanks Lee
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Try contacting Arthur e. Howell wildlife refuge in amity Maine. He often gets eagles and hawks in. he maybe able to help. You may be the answer to a prayer for him to locate a home for a rehabilitated bird. I don't have a number for him.
Sorry dude....wish they had more to share but ...........
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