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Looking for a Monster!

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Hey all,
I think that I am already coming to Maine for an archery hunt this October but that will be around Farmingdale area. So, I have always wanted to hunt the Northwoods for a real bruiser...something well over 200 pounds. Antler size doesn't matter much as long as he has a rack, but he doesn't have to be B&C. I am just looking for something huge, which should not be too difficult since the deer down here in NJ are generally about 100 pounds dressed out.

Can anyone help?

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Real bruisers can be found through out the entire state. How ever I do agree that chasing them in the North woods is by far the most gratifying deer hunt for me. I have hunted the Western Mountains above the Rangley / Eustis area for the past 15 years and would not hesitate to recommend that area. How ever most of Northern Maine offers remote hunting with low deer density and little hunting pressure with the chance at true trophy. Where ever you chose you most likely will hunt hard for your opportunities but you will not see hunter orange behind every tree either.

Good luck
Well step one is getting ready for that kind of hunt. Following big bucks requires knowlege of the envirment, great mapping and compass skills, and tons of woodsmenship. That being said, the only way to get experance is to get in the woods and try new things.

I recomend double teaming and working with a partner, even if you are working different bucks, staying in radio communication give you a sense of security.

Also don't forget that tracking is not the only way to kill big woods bucks. An in depth study of topo maps can also help you set the stand that puts that monster in yor sights. In the big woods it means more time in stand and not a lot of deer seen. The time you put in scouting and looking over maps will give to the confidence to stick it out.

Just soem food for thought. Good luck.
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Since you posted this in the Maine Guides section, I assume you are looking for a guide.

If you will be staying in Farmingdale, you will be 5+ minutes from where I live and hunt.

You're looking for a real bruiser, with fair headgear, I have one in mind behind my house. He was there last year and looked to be on the decline rackwise, but was a true monster as far as his body size. His left G-2 was forked about 6" up and went another six. I never got a good look at his whole rack and never got this one on film but I saw enough to know he was a good one! This one is bowhunt only due to the proximity of homes.

I also have 125 acres in Litchfield if you decide you need a change of scenery.

If you're interested, check out my signature, click on my website.
Hell, if you got him trained , I want to hire a guide. LOL . Lke Jeff Foxworthy says, As long as you don't need money, I can write you a check......
Hell, if you got him trained , I want to hire a guide. LOL . Lke Jeff Foxworthy says, As long as you don't need money, I can write you a check......

Nope, not trained, no foodplots to hunt over, no bait, no fences, just hard work and homework.
Oh, and I get my 'per day' fee whether you shoot a spike or the Ghost or nothing at all. These are WILD critters without pricetags on them!:cool:
I greatly appreciate your advice, honesty, and willingness to talk to me about the big woods. Thank you kindly for that!

Master Guide Duggins,
I would love a crack at that monster. Body size is more important to me than a rack....after all, I can't cook the antlers!
I will never pass up the chance to hunt with a Maine Master Guide. To me, just the chance to hunt under you is an honor. Please let me know which dates are best for you and I will secure the time off and get you a deposit.
Many thanks, and most respectfully,
Brian, I have sent you a PM with more information.
This is the one I shot in 2006 and the Ghost was at 35 yards when I shot this one

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Hey Pinebuck...... Capt. Duggins will set you up just fine.... he's a great guide.

But if you ever want to take a chance at a Bruiser Aroostook Buck in 2008 ...... If you hunt bow I can put you onto a spot to hunt..... no guide just you.
Capt. Duggins,
Thank you, Sir. I got the PM and will be sure to get back to you ASAP on that. I am surely good for a few days with you in the early season with a bow. The rest I'll save for the PM, thanks so much!!!

Sounds good, Sir!! I am interested in a rifle or bow hunt way up north for a northern gray ghost anytime!! Thanks for offering to help me!!

Good hunting..........
Ever up our way look us up. We have killed some tremendous critters in our area. Steve Nissley
Will do, thanks Shilo!!
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