Looking for a place to hunt

Discussion in 'Maine Hunting' started by Texan, Nov 1, 2015.

  1. I just moved from Texas to the Ellsworth area. This is my first season hunting in Maine. I spent almost every weekend hunting during deer season in Texas. Very responsible and abide by every wildlife law. I'm looking for a place to hunt around the Ellsworth area, maybe somewhere that I can put my pop-up blind and game camera up. I don't know many people around here and especially any with land. I'm willing to pay or trade my labor for the chance to hunt on your property. I also do my own game processing and would be more than happy to share some deer meat with the land owner. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank y'all
  2. I will be moving to the Portland area next summer and have been doing a lot of research on public hunting lands. haven't found any great maps for public hunting online yet but there are a few good ones. The Donnell Pond Public Reserved land looks close to you if you are considering public lands. Good luck and please share your public land knowledge.

  3. I would suggest you look to the north towards the NH border and the Bethel area for more local access. A lot more ground open above there as well. You will likely have to drive 1/2 hour to 45 minutes to get into good spots.
  4. We will also be moving to SE Maine around the Bath/Brunswick/Topsham region. Being disabled I'm sort of limited to where and how far I can go, including walking. Looking for something not too far away.
  5. I moved to southern Maine 6 years ago and searched a lot of topo maps. Did a ton of door knocking and have established some be good relationships. Mainers are tight lipped about hunting spots but local farmers is where I started. Trading work for hunting time. Get a freezer full every year now. Bow hunting the coast opened a lot of spots for me also. Bow season is way less crowded in the woods in Maine. Expand archery season in southern Maine has a good success rate.