looking for a rifle for next deer season

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  1. I love my 12ga. 870, but it certainly limits my range when deer hunting. Most deer I see where I hunt are within range but my gun limits where I can go. There is plenty of other land I can hunt around me including powerlines but I need a rifle for that. I would like a gun with a scope with the sight under so I can use the sights for close range. I am also looking at .308 but any suggestions on calibers would be great as I do not have too much knowledge as far as guns go.
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  2. OK: .308 with scope and sights.
    Before I could make any suggestions we need more info.

    Bolt, Semi, Single shot, Pump.....
    Wood or synthetic or doesn't matter.
    Maker preference (actually a big deal)
    The biggest factor is how much you can spend on the WHOLE firearm. Then sufficient ammo to learn how to shoot it.

    You will find almost everyone has a different preference on the rifle.

    I'd suggest going into a real gun shop not Walmart. Look, touch-shoulder several rifles get a feel for what you might like.
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  3. I have no preferance with wood or synthetic although my wood shotgun weighs about 8lbs and gets heavy after a day of walking so something lighter would be nice. I would love a semi but I know they are generally more expensive and as a college student my budget will be based off how much work I get in so I would be happy with a bolt action which I have always loved too. I am a fan of remington I like the way their guns shoot and the feel they have to them (shot my buddy's .243 and .270 both Rem.) As far as new or used I don't really care too much but seeing I plan on hunting until I cant anymore I think I would be willing to spend a little extra on a new gun as an investment. A rough estimate on spending would probably be $500-700.
  4. Remington is a great choice. Hit a few gun shops, walmart and auctions like gunbroker to see what you might be spending.

    Rifle+Scope+Base+Rings+sling and ammo is an investment. Taken care of can last many, many years and become a family heirloom...

    To avoid lots of heartache and problems later don't skimp on cheap equipment. Cheap scope/base/rings cause more dissatisfies shooters every year due to wandering POI and failures.
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  5. Don't skimp on a scope!!! I am a big fan of leoupold and Nikon!!
  6. I definitely want it to be an investment because I plan on being able to pass it down to my kids one day once I have them. I live very close to Cabela's so I will see what i can get hooked up with there. On a second note the fore arm of my shotgun is loose and rattles a bit, is this fixable?
  7. Once you remove the slide assembly from the receiver; check to see if the wooden forend is wiggling on the action tube. If it is the end has a big screw on nut- easily tightened.
    If the rattle is from the action bars in the receiver (action bar channel); welcome to the 870 club. New slide assembly and put the old wooden forend on it. The wear is on the action bars and in the receiver channels.

    How often do you pull the bolt out for cleaning? You'd know exactly what I'm talking about.

    Sometimes heavy grease will eliminate lots of noise but it will require more cleaning as dust and dirt can adhere easily.

    My waterfowl 870 Express magnum is greased. It gets wet from the enviroment I hunt in- no big deal. When it gets wet I completely dissassemble it for cleaning. It still looks great after many hard years of waterfowling/laying in the bottom of a canoe and I had to dive for it once. That story another time.
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  8. I don't know those terms well at all I am sort of a newbie when it comes to guns. The two metal bars that come out of the wood fore arm are the ones the jiggle back and forth. When I am holding the fore arm it moves left to right thats about the best I can decribe it
  9. I take it you have never removed the bolt assy for cleaning?