looking for a rifle for next deer season

Discussion in 'Shooting' started by mhuntere, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. I just sold one to Cabelas in Scarborough, a few weeks ago, and it was
    mint. If someone wants a good gun go get that one. It had scope mounts
    already on it. I took the scope.
  2. i use browning bar's pretty much exclusively... accurate dependable and imho a gorgeous gun.... caliber wise i have a few but .270 .308 and .300 mag are my favorites

  3. I have a 1971 Remington 742 Woodsmaster in a .308 that my dad gave me. It misfired once (cost me a moose, too), but I took it to a local gunsmith who cherried out the internal workings and it has been flawless ever since. I do highly recommend finding a good gunsmith to work on your firearms. True, it's easy enough to do it yourself, but do you want to bet a moose on it? Or a deer?

    When I got the rifle, it had been beat to hell.. the finish was all chipped and scuzzy-looking, so I took off the wood bits and carefully sanded it down to bare wood. I refinished it with 30+ light coats of boiled linseed oil. Needless to say, my dad is jealous of it now (he's got a sweet Browning 30-06).

    As for optics, I have Weaver rings and a new Redfield 2x-7x scope. A quick note on the new Redfield scopes: Redfield was recently (last couple 2 or 3 years) bought by Leupold. Their scopes are now made with Leupold parts and undergo Leupold QA. So I basically have a Leupold scope for 1/3 of what one would cost.

    I *am* contemplating getting a scope mount with sight rings on it, then beefing up the old iron sights on my rifle. Haven't quite decided yet... my uncle's .270 has that setup, and while it's nice to have the option, I don't much care for how high off the receiver it sets the scope.

    Overall, I have to say, go with Remington. Good guns that don't break the bank.
  4. .308 is an excellent choice... Ive had a T/C Pistol in .308 for a few years now wouldnt change it for nothing (well much) If someone came up with a Barrett 50 cal. I might have to think about that one :) after reading the post i had to clean my 870 Remmy wow she was as Dirty/Greassy as a Dolby La'casa stripper... LOL!!! Thanks Mongo :)
    So Mhuntere ; what do you use in your shotgun slugs or buckshot and if you use slugs do you have a rifled barrel or smooth bore.....
  5. I just bought a single shot 22 Hornet with a 4 power scope for my young fella. It is an H&R break down. I am not sure how it shoots as of yet but will be trying it out for him. I can remember using one when I was a young fella that belong to a friend.
  6. I have hunted for over 35 years and at one point back in my younger years I always thought bigger was better, using the magnum calibers, but now I too use a 308. It does all you need it to and the recoil is far more manageable witch means a far more accurate and humane shots. The 30:06 and 270 will also do the job nicely. I do like the 30 caliber cartridges better because there are a lot more bullet weights you can get into depending on what you are hunting. Bolt action is a very safe rifle and very accurate as well.
  7. An old thread but a good one. I like the .308 and .30/06 and have owned and taken deer with both; the .308 being a Savage M99. However, I've tended to favor the .25s and have owned .250/3000, .257 Roberts and a couple of .25/06 rifles. And while I've killed deer with everything from my .22Hornet to the .338 mag, .350 R and .45/70, I've killed more deer with my two .250/3000 rifles (a Sav M99 & a Ruger M77) than with all others combined. Yep, the little .250 Sav is my perennial favorite. I guess I should add that it's been many years since I've hunted with modern rifles. I have been using black powder flintlocks exclusively for a good long while. But still, the .308 will do for everything.