looking for a rifle for next deer season

Discussion in 'Shooting' started by mhuntere, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Whoa! That didn't work so I'll try again. Here's the 45/70.
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  2. Might as well admit I regret letting my 25/06(s) go. I won't let it happen with my .257 R. Even though I've had that nice rifle for nearly 35 years, I have yet to try bullets heavier than 100 grains in it. That's about to change. I have a couple boxes of Nosler 115 grain and 120 grain partitions and some ballistic points. I get 3200 fps with a 100 grain pill without getting near max powder charges. Back when I used it a lot it was lightning on deer. I was also quite astonished at the ability of the .22Hornet to drop deer with either neck or lung shots. Have to say that so far, I haven't met a rifle caliber I didn't like - NO experience with any other .22 'cept for the Hornet. I love the .270, 30/06 and .308; and have a particular fondness for those three. The 30/30 has been a very special favorite for nearly 40 years; would never guess that I love to talk guns, would you? But 100% committed to black powder, now, and don't quite see much use of anything other than flint in the near future.

  3. If you like your 870, why not go with a Remington 7600? You'd be familiar with the safety and feel. You can get it in .308 and you could find a used one in the short barreled .308. You could get a new one in 30-06 with the short barrel. The 18.5" (short) barrel makes a huge difference carrying it. Way better IMO and I have both. My main deer gun is the 7600 30-06 carbine (18.5") with a Leupold VXIII 1.5x5 with low rings and I take the open sights off and plug the holes. This setup weighs about 7lbs and is a sweet setup to carry. I use the flip open caps on the scope on bad weather days and have never thought I needed the open sights. I take the whole month off to hunt and this gun has a lot of carry time on it, no better deer gun for Maine IMHO.
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  4. Just to keep guns in perspective, etc, Here's my "go-to" guns for deer.

    Newest, okay, 3 years old, then. .50.
    Not a rifle, exactly, but a .62 (20ga) smoothbore. Puts three shots under 3" at 60 yards using patched ball. I'm using this gun more and more; I like it!