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  1. I've always wanted to hunt coyotes, and I've sat a couple nights calling with bait but I've never had any luck (not that I've been very persistent). I would be more apt to go if I knew some good tips on set-ups or hunting coyotes in general.
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    West Virginia is so desperate for hunters to kill coyote in that state, they have set up a bunch of free clinics to teach hunters how to call, etc.

    I can't help you out any Steve. I've not done much with them wiley things.

  3. Steve, you have to play the wind with the dogs or you lose. Do you have fields with winrows or are you hunting tote-roads in the woods? Got any clearcuts near you?

    If you set up with a big field or body of water at your back and the wind close to in your face, you will better your odds. Make the fox or coyote expose himself through thin woods, an open field or a tote road. I like to call fox from close to a road at marshes. Sometimes a yote will hunt these areas too. Just put the road at your back and the wind in your face and call. Don't call too loud unless you can see a quarter mile or more. Rodent sqeaks work well once you see a fox or yote heading in.
    I like to hang a tanned muskrat skin so the wind moves it some with my electronic call (speaker) under it. Gives themsomething else to focus on besides you.

    Call off & on for 15 minutes then sit still for 10 or 15 minutes. Bobcats are slow to respond and you may call in coon, fisher or anything else so sit tight and see hat happens. And don't use the same call/cadence more than once or twice in a spot.

    Good luck!
  4. Can this be done during the daytime or is it best to take advantage of night-hunting this time of year? I was on a business trip to Ben's Trading Post in Presque Isle the first week of January. I decided to spend the night at camp, and shortly after driving in for the night I heard a pack of yotes take a deer down on the opposite side of the river. Of course I hadn't bothered to get my hunting license or bring my rifle. The next morning while heading south I saw a coyote standing over a dead deer on the ice at 10AM behind some guys house. The funny thing is that while I was at Ben's he was telling me that most of the hunters he'd talked to had shot 2-3 coyotes during deer season. He's also running a coyote contest and they've been getting a lot of them. Needless to say I've gotten my license since and bring my rifle on all my trips now.
  5. I don't night hunt for them. I think a hunting license should cover you WHENEVER YOU WANT TO HUNT!
    The best time for me is the first and last hour or two of the day. I did read about a guy in Northern Maine who likes to go out just before a storm with a south/southeast wind.

    That deer carcass is BAIT! Call over bait anytime...