Looking for hunting access in the extended archery zones

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  1. :idea: Looking for ground to hunt in extended zones. Live in Houlton but willing to travel.....bow hunter through and through. I have hunted 33 of my 45 years. Looking to cash in on extra deer allowed. Added bow to my arsenal to hunt more areas and get more game. Don't know too many people down in the zones......any suggestions? I also head a Christian Hunting Club in Houlton at my church. I am looking to scout areas for the club hunters to access as well, as they acquire bows and the skills needed.
    Part of my club responsibilities include education and promotion of ethical hunting. I am looking for a long lasting relationship with area landowners. Willing to discuss a hunting lease or access fee for the right place.
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    I can't help you out that I know of but I certainly will keep my ears open and get back to you if I do

  3. There are some guys on here kickin' around who might know...
  4. Remington:
    Who do I talk to that runs affairs in Bangor to get access to the land around BIA. There is a stretch of land running west of the airport and includes the Hermon Bog. That is well within the extended archery zone there. Would I contact the airport or the council...who on the council would address my need for written consent to hunt there with my Bow.
  5. That's a good question. I don't know if that is posted or not. I would start by contacting the airport. My brother inlaw is a pilot and I will be seeing him tomorrow afternoon. Let me chat with him about it and get back to you.
  6. I talked to my brother inlaw today and he is positive that stretch of woods is owned by the airport. He says you should contact them about it.
  7. Anybody from the "Wells" area here!!!!!!!! Looking to hunt below Bangor .......any guesses who would give me access?
  8. If you want to come way down to southen maine I'd concidering allowing a few people to hunt my 80 acres. I wasn't there in October and December but my two of my buddies took 5 deer total with a bow in those two months. As long as nobody shot any skippers I wouldn't have a problem with it. Also, if you wanted to keep it in the Houlton area, I'd be willing to possibly let a few bow hunters there too. I'd have to lease the houlton hunts though.
  9. WE have to talk !!!!!!!! Both ideas work for me.......

    Where down south............? And how much to lease in Houlton area?

    Send a PM with details if you don't want to post.......or email me at :
  10. Sent you an email... did you get it?