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Looking for Moderators

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Maine Hunting Forums is looking for a small handful of people to run and moderate the forums.

Senior Moderator: We will want one or two people who can run the site efficiently and represent the forums. This person (or persons) will lead other Moderators and keep a good presence at the forums. They should understand phpbb fairly well and know how to edit, move, and delete topics. Senior Moderators will be able to moderate all forums. Duties will also include spending time posting and helping to promote the forums.

Moderator: We are looking for a small handful of people to take care of one or more forums. Duties would include keeping the peace, editing, moving, and/or deleting toics or posts.

If you are interested please contact Kenton6 or myself. :D
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sounds interesting...tell me more.
Hey I sent you a Private Message... :D
We are looking for more Moderators. Must post daily....

Edited to add: We are also looking for Moderators to run a number of our other states. To see a list of states scroll all the way to the bottom of the forums here and there is a table with a list of states we are currently in.
I am not still a moderator?......willing to keep things interesting if status can be renewed.
Well I hadn't heard from you in a few months so I wasn't sure if you lost interest or died or what the deal was. Other moderators came around once a week or less so I relieved everybody of their duties.

Obviously nobody cared too much because you are the first person to mention it.
I am sorry I left you in the lurch......but had to hit the woods to get back to myself again...born on a mountain ....raised in a cave......hunting and fishing is all I crave. ( Business hit the skids......had to make a few stuff.)
I enjoyed instigating conversation..but not having to referee!
I can continue to get things stirred up without that status......just curious.....nobody was listed as Moderators anymore.
Not a problem AB, we are glad to have you back with us.

If it gets busy and we need moderators again we'll definitely have to talk. It just has been quiet around here for a while.
Oh don't is going to get really interesting around here ........soon.....very very soon.
Sent Ya A P.m. On Being A Moderator...
Hey I replied to a couple of you about this thread. We will probably be looking for Moderators to help us out here sometime so we will announce it here when we are ready. This thread is old and forgot about it. :rolleyes:

So I am going to close this thread until we make the announcement...
We have reopened this thread. We are now looking for a couple Moderators to run the boards here.

If interested please email us at [email protected]

We will be taking applications through the 16th of November. At that time we will look them over and choose two people.

Thanks... and we will keep you posted.
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