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Looking to buy a new bow....

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OK guys and gals....... looking to buy a new bow for less than a house payment...... what do you suggest ???? :thumb:
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AB, bows are like guns everyone has their favorites and most all those favorites have good points and bad. the main things to consider are, if you dont know your exact, and i mean exact draw length go to a pro shop and have them measure you. if that isnt possible heres a way to calculate it and you will be within 1/2 inch. measure your wing span,arms streched out to your sides tip of middle finger to tip of middle finger. take that number and sutract 15 then divide by 2. this will give you the correct draw dont let anyone sell you something that is not capable of that draw. my next suggestion is to go with a single cam less hassle after initial setup. my advice spend the money on a good bow and cheap out on the accessories to save some cash. if you can swing the bucks a matthews switchback is the bow for the bucks and i do mean bucks. strings as in bowstrings
I'd take a look at a mathews switchback! You'll be happy for sure
Looking at a Reflex..... and a Hoyt (same parents).... and that sexy G2 from Bear. Anybody shooting these bows?
if i was in your shoes i would talk to some one who knows bows and check ebay and archery talk. you can get unbelievable steals on last years bows. there are alot of guys that get new toys every year and sell there OLD stuff for dirt cheap. you could end up with a top of the line package for less than the price of a bare bow.
Yamaha yz125
Got it done.... PSE taz 36" A to A:80%let off ....30" at 305fps
What ever makes you happy. I have alway thoight it was more about the practice and ability of the person holding the bow and less about the bow. Unless its me and BAD shooting the DART game, then its my bows fault for sure.
I agree CC, Ive shot many types of bows, along with recurves and long bows, it's more about a good fit and what feels good to yah. Practice and knowing your bows ability at distances is key.
I agree its the shooter more than the bow.........

But I started the thread really just to see who would recommend what.

It goes without saying that a good archer can always make any bow do the job....... but some bows are in fact better than others. Experiences are what I was looking for. Share yours?

What are you Solocam or dual.....double wheels are whatever? Why do you like it?
PSE INFINITY, dual cams, 80% let off, set at 65lbs. Its fast, quiet and I only have to use 2 pins, dont drop much!! It was the fastest bow on the market when I bought it, added an overdraw and went to carbon arrows, she really cranks!! But, I could shoot just as good with a Bear Whitetail 2, which was my first compound, killed my first deer with it at 55 yards on a trott, used to "practice" daily with it.
Thanks that's the post I was looking for... p.s. nice writing, good grammar, made it easier to get your meaning. save that other gibberish for others...... now you look like you might know what your taking about.
evidentally a little more than you, your the one asking questions.
OOPS too much caffine:smack2:

You give a guy a heads up for his business advertising, compliment his posts, and what does he do, grind his knife to a fine edge and dig it deeper!!
So much drama........... a little theater goes a long way. Shows over, curtain has drawn shut ... good night sweet prince...... parting is such sweet sorrow.
i have a Bowtech Tribute.. 29" draw and pulling 70 lbs... shoots awsome
Congratulations!! Let us know what you bring down first with it.
OK guys it's season 2007 in just 10 days.... who bought a new bow or has made some changes. Archery on deer starts on the 27th.... bears is still open and moose is coming quick!!!!!!!
ditched the expandable broadheads and went to muzzy mx-4's fixed broadheads. added a 40 yard pin, and ordered a dozen new carbons. counting down the days now.
Just bought a Bowtech Allegiance and switched to steel force broadheads.

I have a 07 Fred Bear "The Truth" and very much enjoy it. Also have an 07 Fred Bear Element. Great bows. The Truth posts the same numbers as all of the 1000 dollar+ bows at around 700 outfitted. Not bad. Especially with technology changing every six months. I am already sorry, the Truth2 has already debuted and my jaw dropped. Sweetest bow I have seen. Might have to trade in already! Check out the Fred Bear website, that bow is nice.
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