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AB, bows are like guns everyone has their favorites and most all those favorites have good points and bad. the main things to consider are, if you dont know your exact, and i mean exact draw length go to a pro shop and have them measure you. if that isnt possible heres a way to calculate it and you will be within 1/2 inch. measure your wing span,arms streched out to your sides tip of middle finger to tip of middle finger. take that number and sutract 15 then divide by 2. this will give you the correct draw dont let anyone sell you something that is not capable of that draw. my next suggestion is to go with a single cam less hassle after initial setup. my advice spend the money on a good bow and cheap out on the accessories to save some cash. if you can swing the bucks a matthews switchback is the bow for the bucks and i do mean bucks. strings as in bowstrings
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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