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I've been back at my camp here for a little over a week. Each spring when I return, there is less land to hunt on.
As I roam about looking at some of my old hunting grounds, everyone of them, and this includes perhaps a dozen locations, all have houses being built right smack dab in the middle of them.
The idiots who keep saying Maine has more than enough land to hunt on is full of crap.
I don't think this region is all that much different than many places across the state.
Here at my camp, a new housing development has gone in on the west side of my property. Two other developments are pending as soon as the once dirt road I live on, is upgraded to town standards.
I'm being squeezed and running out of hunting lands.

Usually when I get back to camp, there are deer hanging around my land. Haven't seen any nor have I seen much for signs and not all the acorns from last fall have been cleaned up.

We need to get off our buttooskis and start saving hunting lands. I'm telling you guys, before we know it we're going to be asking, "Where in the hell am I going to hunt?"
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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