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luck was with us on the last hunt of the year!!

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well as you know that read my cow ? thread me and my girlfriends father was taking a 92 year old woman on a moose hunt as she got drawn for a cow only moose hunt in district 13. well we got into the woods about 6:00 am and were driving around on the old logging roads and things. my girlfriends father (AL) had a spot where he deer hunts during the deer season and see moose all the time and we havent been out that way all week. so we get down there a little ways and we stop and me and al go walking up through this old clear cutting i mean this place looked like picture perfect moose terriority. well we ended up sitting for a little bit an calling but nothing showed so he had me go back to get my Girlfriend and the 92 year old and the truck so i did and he walked down a little bit farther. he didnt see anything so about 8:30 we started to drive out and as we got next to this little patch pf pricley bushes that were (all BS aside) 6 feet tall he spots just the nostriles of a cow moose. i am in the back of the truck and he stops so you know i scan the area and all i see is this monsteris bull moose that must wiegh 1200 lbs and have a spread of 60" or more and great big shovles on him. me and him happen to be the co shooters on the permit so he gets out and tells me to hand him the gun so of corse i do, and he touches one off and by that time the bull is gone, the cow just runs about 50 ft and stops and he shoots agian. the cow moose is still standing there so i tell him that i can see the moose. i could see the head neck and the hump on her back so he gives me the gun and i get up on the tool box in the back of the truck and i let one role and the cow moose drops in her tracks right where she was standing. when we get up to the cow moose she is still alive somewhat so we help the 92 year old friend up to the moose and she puts the last shot to it. it ended up being a 580 lbs. they guys at the tagging station didnt charge her to tag it or wiegh it. they thought that it was pretty cool that a 92 year old woman still has enough will power to get up at 4 every morning to go hunting. but we were lucky. we all had a good time and just to see that old lady happy made me happy!
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Just so you don't get in trouble in the future it isn't legal to shoot from, on, or even touching a motorized vehicle. They can even nab you for leaning a loaded gun against your truck.
Sweet story. When you see that woman again, give her a big hug for me would ya?
we wouldnt get in touble cause of disabilities. the 91 year old woman is confined to a wheel chair. and the driver my girlfriends father cant walk either. the permit holder was disabled. the warden we talked to we asked about that because i was the co permitee and he said that it was fine since the primary permit holder was disabled. thanks for the info though.
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