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Well, sort of! I'm going to pick on Madjack but this could be anyone.
Jack went exploring one day and he came across an old mine shaft he'd never seen before. It appeared to go straight down into the ground.

He tried every which way he could to see into it but to no avail. He picked up a small stone and tossed it into the shaft and listened intently waiting to hear it hit bottom. Nothing.

He looked around for a minute and found a bigger rock and tossed it in. Still nothing. Then he located a boulder about the size of a basketball, but before he threw it in the shaft, he looked it all over for any precious gems, then he tossed it in and listened. Hmm, nothing still.

Jack was getting curious as to where if anywhere the bottom to this shaft was. He looked around for something substantial to throw in the hole. About 25 feet away and laying near an old box trailer, lay an old railroad tie.

Jack dragged it over to the edge of the hole, stood it up on end and pushed it in. Within seconds, as Jack was leaning toward the hole to listen, a goat went whizzing by him and jumped into the hole.

Now Jack was some befuddled! He was still listening at the hole, when from up behind him walked an old man. "Say, Mistah! You seen my goat around here anywhere?" asked the old codger.

"Yeah!" answered Jack. "A goat just came running by me and jumped in the mine shaft."

"Oh, that ain't my goat," replied the old fella. "Mine was tied up to an old railroad tie!"
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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