Maine Farmers up in arms about turkey relocation

Discussion in 'Maine Turkey Hunting' started by Moose, Jan 3, 2006.

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    I read that article this morning and was debating on whether to blog about it or what to do and then I realized I don't really know how much of what is described in that article about the problems some of these dairy farmers have with turkeys is accurate.

    I'm not saying they are lying. I'm saying I hadn't heard much noise about this in the past.

    Please, if someone can shed more light on this subject I certainly would like to know about it.

  3. The dairy farmers of Aroostook County tried to hijack the relocation plan. But the rest of us here will make sure 6 farners aren't goinig to kill our financial winfall. The guides are eager to set up for Turkey hunters and started selling hunts up here. Every one wins if we get turkeys.......we get increased tourism and hunting has always made us money up here.