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Maine Hunting Today goes nuts

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Only a figure of speech! But our website saw well over 6000 hits yesterday from hundreds of hunters and concerned people searching for results of the Bear referendum.
There was also one other issue that raised my left eyebrow some. There were more hits than I would like to have seen from people all over America wanting to know the laws about buying alcohol on Election Day.
Now, you may be wondering why they would end up on Maine Hunting Today as I asked myself the same question. Then upon further review, I discovered that I had written a story quite some time ago titled "The Not-So-Scientific Survey". In that story I wrote about major contradictions that our society has pertaining to many things and one of them was the sale of alcohol on Election Day - Go read the story!
Because Google and many other search engines now scan website content and because Maine Hunting Today is a busy site, well that is where the seekers of blue laws ended up.
Maybe we recruited a few to come back and enjoy some good clean fun.
Just thought some of you might be interested.
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