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Maine Moose Lottery

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I have had several people inquiring with me to whether or not there was any science, magic, tricks, whatever you would like to call them, for increasing your chances at winning a lottery drawing for a moose permit.
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And have you come to any conclusion on that? I know what my answer would be... :mrgreen:

I told a couple of people that if they transfered $500.00 cash into a specified bank account I would get them a permit. Funny, though, I didn't get any takers.
What's up with the Moose Lottery

Why is it so hard to draw a Moose permit in Maine considering the high success ratio of 90%?
the biggest factor is the number of permits issued compared to the number of applicants. Only 1200 permits and several thousand applicants. Not so good odds but there are some things that help your odds. Buying more chances and the fact that those fortunate enough to win a permit in the lottery one year are not eligable to apply the following year. I talked with a registered guide who has been applying for a permit since the first year they were offered and he has yet to win one.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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