Maine Vue Optics 2006 Big Buck Contest

Discussion in 'Maine Deer Hunting' started by stweedie, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. A new promotion for those of you that decide to try one of the new Maine Vue Optics Riflescopes. Once you purchase your scope from an authorized dealer, and send in your registration card you will automatically be eligible for the MVO big buck contest. If the hunter who tags the heaviest deer in the state in the 06' hunting season shoots the deer using one of MVO's scopes and has returned his registration card by opening day of firearms season MVO is paying a cash prize of $5,000. We'll even up the ante to $10,000 if someone should happen to break the current Maine weight record for a buck. I hope this draws a little attention from all you hunters out there!
  2. Wehell now! Nothing like a little cash incentive to get you out of your cot in the morning and on the track. :D

  3. Cash is OK but ya can't count on winning! I just want to find a clear & bright scope for my aging eyes.
    I'm going to check out these scopes. Nielsons in Farmingdale is the closest dealer to me. Might take a ride tomorrow.
  4. Hey Tweedie, You got a red dot with a bow mount?