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Anyone know anything about the new Maine Vue Optics scopes? I've heard good things about them but I don't know anyone that has one yet.
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Sorry I have never heard of them.
MVO scopes

Bigwoodsboy, I am the director of Maine Vue Optics and the scopes are new as of 2005. They are engineered and designed by my brother and myself and are marketed as a high quality riflescope at extremely reasonable prices. All top quality fully multi-coated high end glass lenses, etched glass reticles, single piece tube construction, waterproof, shockproof, fogproof, Lifetime warranty, and while I won't say that they are at the same level of Zeiss, Swarovski, and Kahles I would say when considering a buschnell, bsa, leopold or burris to just compare our similar model and I think the biggest difference you'll notice is the price.

Welcome to the board. If you are interested please send to me any information/reviews you have on your products and business and I would be glad to do a product review and feature your business and Maine Hunting Today.

Send info to [email protected]

and thanks for answering the question.
i'll definately take a look at your scopes. i need a new one for my 300wsm and id like to buy one made in maine. now to get dad to take me to Willey's
MVO Scopes

Thanks for taking interest in our scopes. I'm sure you will be happy with our product if you decide to try one. I know you'll love the price! Willey's sports center has done very well with our product. Tell Phil or Jason that I sent you in!
i went to willeys yeasterday, scopes were 25% off. i payed $75 for a 3-9x40mm. the glass is suprisingly clear and it holds a zero on my 300 WSM.
Glad you like the scope. Make sure you send in your registration card so you have a chance at the $5,000 prize for the heaviest deer. You can see the contest ad in the Maine Sportsman this month in the pages where they list the biggest deer shot in the state this year.
Hey Steve,
Have you posted about this contest anywhere here at the forums. I'd like to know the details if you don't mind.
Steve, do you have a website or can you send me a brochure, please? Also send your email address or give me a call! (before 9pm). I'd like to chat with you.
I've posted the Contest in the Deer Hunting Forum. The basic rules are you must purchase a MVO scope from an authorized dealer, either at a trade show or from a retailer, fill out and return the product registration card and then if you are #1 on the Sportsman's list of heavy bucks next year you'll win $5,000 cash. If you somehow break the record of 355 lbs we'll pay $10,000 cash. You have to have a license, follow all of the MDIFW rules and regulations, and have it weighed at a registered weigh station the same as you would to get your Big Bucks patch.
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