Maine's moose success rate

Discussion in 'Maine Moose Hunting' started by kenton6, Nov 11, 2005.

  1. i got my non-res moose lottery app. in the mail last week, i have been putting in since it started....still no luck :oops: .......maybe this is the year :lol: :D

  2. If you hunt for a week there's a pretty good chance you'll get a moose. My deer partner was a sub-permittee for an older gentleman about 4 years ago. Got the area west of Rte 1 North of Houlton. The guy with the permit would only hunt from 9-1 every day. Needless to say they didn't get a moose and we torment our friend to this day about it.
  3. We did 3 guided hunts last year and completed them all in the first day. We showed one hunter 6 bulls before he figured out you don't have to have stealth to harvest a moose. LOL
  4. Moose


    I passed one opening day and got mine on Friday. Second time I got drawn for non resident never drawn when I lived there. I got to sit out next two years so good luck to the rest of ya.
  5. We do guarenteed hunts in Zones 5,6,10, and 11. This isnt a guarentee you will score a moose. Its a guarentee that you will have the opportunity. We can't shoot for you!!! Seen alot of hunters who fail to sight in their rifles before a moose hunt. They tell me that they shot it last fall and it shoots fine, plus they always say, "how do you miss a moose standing broad side"? After a clean miss, I am now asking them the exact question.
  6. Granted a moose is a large target, one would think that in order to save some time and effort that a hunter would check their gun and try to make a good clean shot. Its not like dragging a deer out of the woods.
  7. Put in For 11........I've got three of 'em pegged out in the swamp waiting for me to draw!!!!!!
  8. I've never been drawn before, but I always have high hope. My preferences are in this order: Zone 3, where I live, then 6, 2, 5, 1, 4, then anywhere else, in no particular order. I've hunted as a sub-permittee twice, we scored once.

    On another note, I haven't seen any moose up here this spring and I find that unusual as we live in the woods. We still have snow on the ground, so I suspect they'll start showing up soon. I know there's been lots seen just south of here.
  9. I hope someone in our camp crew gets drawn for 11. The hard part will be figuring out WHERE we want to shoot one. So many moose so few tags.