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Maine's New Law

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Maine has a new law that prohibits you from bringing in whole carcasses of deer, elk or moose shot anywhere outside the state. All cervids must be deboned and all skull soft tissue removed.

What kind of affect will this have on you, if any?
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NO more Canadian moose?????? What will the natives do???
Not sure what effect this will have on me. The bigger question is: What purpose does that serve?
Even though our border states and Canadian Provinces have no known cases of CWD, the law is intended to make sure anyone hunting outside Maine in states that have CWD doesn't bring and infected carcous including soft tissue that can carrying CWD into the state.

I think it's planning ahead.

One problem that arises is from hunters from Maine traveling into let's say New Hampshire to hunt. They tag a deer cross the border back to their hometown and have their favorite butcher do the chores. Can't do that any longer. Even if you do it yourself, you will have to do it in New Hampshire and bring only the meat and antlers if you choose back with you.

Another thing about the new law is nobody seemed to know much about it when it was enacted.
Another thing about the new law is nobody seemed to know much about it when it was enacted.
Pretty normal for Augusta..........
next year i will hunt deer in NH with Famiy if i tag out here early... I am a butcher and can have a deer skinned, boned and ready to go in no time.. BUT how about raw hides/ capes?? i will want to mount the deer for myself....
You'll have to check for the exact specifics but what I understood was no bones and no skull soft tissue - i.e. brain matter. They said antlers were acceptable provided any soft tissue on any part of the skull had to be removed.
To be honest, I'm not sure on the hide and/or capes but I think your good. You'll need to check on that one.
From the MDIFW website-
To prevent the introduction of CWD into Maine, recently passed laws now make it illegal for hunters who hunt and kill a deer, elk or moose in another state or province to transport any carcass parts that pose a risk of containing CWD prions back into Maine. Hunters may return to Maine only with boned-out meat, hardened antlers (with or without skull caps), hides without the head portion, and finished taxidermy mounts. If still attached, skull caps must be cleaned free of brain and other tissues.
It is legal for individuals to transport cervid carcasses or parts through the State of Maine if they are destined for other states, provinces, and countries. Transportation is to occur without undue delay and must use the most reasonably direct route through Maine to the final destination. Cervid carcasses or parts must be transported in a manner that is both leak-proof and that prevents their exposure to the environment.
The laws are a result of the fact that no state or province can claim to be free of CWD.
If it emerges in Maine, CWD could seriously reduce infected deer populations by lowering adult survival and de-stabilizing populations. Monitoring and control of CWD is extremely costly and would divert already scarce funding and staff resources away from other much-needed programs.
If you plan to hunt deer, moose or elk in a state/province known or suspected to harbor CWD there are some commonsense precautions you should take to avoid handling, transporting, or consuming potentially CWD-infected specimens. You can go to our website at to view these precautions.
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