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Mandatory Maine Guides For Aroostook County

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Would you guys support the proposed "bucks by permit" system if in it was a requirement that all non-resident hunters had to have a Maine Guide? Roughly 10% of permits to go to non-residents......
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Sounds very counterproductive (at best) to me. I own property and camps in Maine. I run my guide business in Maine, and I'm a Registered (non-resident) Maine Guide. I stay in business because I provide the kind of service that keeps my clients coming back to me - NOT because they are FORCED to come back to me. I also know dozens of competent, out-of-state hunters that would go elsewhere if they were forced to hire a guide. Considering what the IF&W charges for a non-resident license, a lot of them aren't coming back anyway - and we're now going to force them to hire a guide? NOT! As a non-resident Maine guide, If I wanted to hunt on my own, would I have to hire a guide, or just invoice myself? Actually, I tip pretty good, so I might keep on hiring myself until I get rich.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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