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It's official. The assholes at the Animal Protection Institute have filed suit to stop trapping in Maine. You can read about it here.
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WOW! I know some guys who say lynx are more prominent than bobcats in parts of the State. I won't even get into what they do when they cross paths with them. The sad thing is its not even worth trying to discuss facts with them. The endangered species act is only an argument they use towards their ultimate goal.
They should throw all animal activists out of the country.Better yet they can move to Iraq
Bruce, I think you might fit in here! Ha Ha
I'll take them. They can come protect the goats, chickens, ducks and turkeys by being sure their housing is cleaned.
bruce had a great idea but how about this one. they can tie themselves to the tree where my coyote bait is and sit very quiet for a long time. they might serve a dual purpose then. LOL strings
Minnesota Suit Dismissed

This should bode well for Maine. A federal judge has dismissed the lawsuit filed by HSUS against Minnesota to ban trapping because of the Canada lynx. More here.
If Maine will just follow suit with Minnesota we will be all set. But I highly doubt that the leaders in this state have that much common sense.
JP I might agree but we do have one thing going for us. The United States Sportsmen's Alliance teamed up with MDIFW in this lawsuit. That should help some where they have more resources and experience in fighting these damned lawsuits.

I hope the day will come when hunters, fishermen and trappers say enough is enough and begin demanding protection for our heritage via a constitutional amendment that would end this bullpucky.
The first step would be to get the current administration out from the commisioner and PJ right down to some of the biologist and everybody in between then have someone that hunts ,traps and fish's put in office and let it grow from there we as sportmen(women) have lost alot in the last years compared to other administrations
Maybe Ya All Should Just Sell Or Give Away Your Firearm's And Buy Fiddle's....cause The Fat Bitch Is About To Sing.....the Outher Day I Heard Someone Got Sick And Tired Of Loosing His Right's...even Thou It Was Only First Amendment Right's He Paid Tha Altimate Price...but At Least He Took A Few With The Same With A Few Humane Society's They Will Get The Dam Picture......we Aint Going Down Easy....screw You Needle Weilding Murderers...a Needle Aint No Differant Than A Friggen Gun.....ta Hell With Sending Them To Iraq Bring Iraq To Them...
People think I'm extreme!!!!
extreme is what its gonna take its all these people believe only sitting here watching this country go down the tube's......there is alway's some person out there thats gonna do what this person did....WACK A FEW ANTI'S AND THEN HIMSELF COST THE TAXPAYER NOTHING ....... cant get better justice than that......LOL !
What if you or your kids are the ants?

Like I said extreme reaction to a temporary problem.
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