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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by sremington, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. We are planning to do a Maine Hunting Today membership giveaway. All current cardholding members and those that register as a cardholding member prior to the drawing will automatically be placed into our giveaway.

    We would like some ideas on what you would like to see as a give-away prize. Go ahead and reply here and let us know. We were thinking of possibly a nice scope or something you can use in the field.

    If you aren't a member and would like to be entered into all current and future give-aways just click on the following link, fill out the info, and we will mail you a membership card to place in your wallet.
  2. Just so you know the drawing will be held October 1st so make sure if you haven't yet registered to go ahead and do it real soon.

    Reminder: We will be doing periodic giveaways. Once you register you won't have to again. All registered members will automatically be included in each drawing.

  3. And here I thought you guys were giving away one of our members! I'd be interested if she can cook and skin a coyote! (heh heh)
  4. Hi MadJack,

    Welcome! :D

    And I like the way you think... :wink:
  5. How about a FoxPro preditor call with remote! That would be a nice prize, huh? Or maybe you could give away a 1-day guided fishing trip on the Androscoggin River!

    How about a Double Bull Blind? Dicks Sporting Goods is "in-state" now and it's "off-season" for blinds.... Hmmm

    Just some ideas............................... Steve, call me on the guided fishing day.