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Membership giveaway

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We are planning to do a Maine Hunting Today membership giveaway. All current cardholding members and those that register as a cardholding member prior to the drawing will automatically be placed into our giveaway.

We would like some ideas on what you would like to see as a give-away prize. Go ahead and reply here and let us know. We were thinking of possibly a nice scope or something you can use in the field.

If you aren't a member and would like to be entered into all current and future give-aways just click on the following link, fill out the info, and we will mail you a membership card to place in your wallet.
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And here I thought you guys were giving away one of our members! I'd be interested if she can cook and skin a coyote! (heh heh)
How about a FoxPro preditor call with remote! That would be a nice prize, huh? Or maybe you could give away a 1-day guided fishing trip on the Androscoggin River!

How about a Double Bull Blind? Dicks Sporting Goods is "in-state" now and it's "off-season" for blinds.... Hmmm

Just some ideas............................... Steve, call me on the guided fishing day.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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