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Minimum Antler Spreads

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In case you missed the story over at the Black Bear Blog, Texas has made a new ruling about antler sizes and shooting bucks. Here's the deal as I understand it.

Any buck that is a spikehorn - that is as long as neither side has branched - can be shot. After that, the spread between horns has to be at least 13 inches.

They say Texas hunters want bigger deer! Will this do it?
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It gets on my nerves that there is so much talk about antler size. I grew up in maine where a true tophy, to me anyway and the people that I hunt with is body size. Sure, I've shot some decent racked deer that would score well should I have chosen to have them scored but what do you hunt for? You can't eat the horns. A few years back I shot a 3 pointer the weighed around 175 if I remember correctly. To me, even though it was just a 3 pointer, that was a fine deer. Kansas is the same way, everone wants the huge racks to have scored and maybe have their name in a record book. I'd get a lot more satisfaction out of tracking a doe even and taking her than a 170 inch buck from a fenced in sanctuary anyday! Just my two cents on the matter!!
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