Minimum draw weights?

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  1. Deer.........
    Bear .......
    Moose ........

    what do you suggest?
  2. I know that for deer a minimum would probably be 40 pounds, good for younger kids or people with bad shoulders or back etc.
    If i were to use a bow for a moose or bear i would probably have a minimum of 60, thats just a guess though.

  3. The states all set a minimum draw for a hunting bow at 40-45 lbs. I was looking for archers to tell me what they feel about it. Based on their own preferences and skills.
  4. Oh, looks like i misunderstood your question. my bad
  5. Was just curious what other hunters thought of the Minimum Standards being debated in some states.
  6. actually Maines minimum draw weight is 35 lbs. that is enough given its a well placed shot and razor sharp fixed blade broadheads. for bear i wouldnt go less than 70 but less is probably okay. moose are not very tough animals and I have seen one dropped with a well placed shot from a 40 lb bow.
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  7. holy crap some one was there.......thanks
  8. badfisherman don't know how much moose hunting you have done but I would not suggest shooting a moose with 40# pull. They have one of the toughest hide in the woods and their ribs are very large. You probably are only going to get one lung on a big bull with 40 pounds. Don't know about you but I am not in for going after a big moose with a single lung shot. I have seen them shot with 70 pound draw at 20 yards perfect hit and the arrow just make it out the other side. 40 is way to light I would shoot a bear with it before I ever would a moose.
  9. the only moose hunt i have been witnes to was that one i mentioned. the shooter took a small cow(480lbs) with a forty lb bow. pass thru at 8 yards. would i do it? no way, thats why my bow is cranked as high as it will go. by the way that moose went less than 30 yards. shot placementshotplacementshotplacement
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