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Minimum Hunting Age

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Wisconsin is in the middle of a debate about lowering the hunting age from 12 years to 8. Did you know there are, I believe, 30 states that have no minimum age on hunting. The ones that do, including Maine, seem to be making issues out of it.
Why not Maine? I hear very little from anybody about any of the hunting laws, etc. in this state. Are we all that happy and content? I can't believe it.
Personally, get rid of the stupid laws. I think it should be up to the parent. In the long run, hunting would be even safer than it already is. I'm more comfortable hunting than driving in a car.
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Maine is kind of funny like that. Take Sunday hunting for example. A lot of sportsman worry that an extra 4 days of deer season would have a terrible effect on the deer herd. With all of the gosh danged tree huggin hippies moving into the State that are anti-hunting to begin with it would be a real struggle to get a law like that passed. As far as the minimum age thing, I would worry more about the guy taking his 4 year old out in the woods and using his boy as an "extra" tag. In all honesty I think 10 is a fair age, and unlike in NH and other States the 10 year old can carry his own firearm. My father let me tag along behind him when I was 7, and even at 10 I wasn't real excited about firing the borrowed .410 shotgun I was using. I think that the heritage and culture in Maine is wonderful for introducing youngsters to the outdoors. Its amazing how my wife's family (from Mass.) view guns. Unfortunately for my brother-in-law that I got into hunting his wife told him under no circumstances would there ever be a gun in their house. I told him that I've got room in the gun cabinet so at any time he can stop using MY GUNS!
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his wife told him under no circumstances would there ever be a gun in their house.
Me and my pistol would be packing if any woman told me that.
Your right! Sounds like it's time for a new wife or NO wife! Send her on a cruise to the bahamas and move my sh*t to Maine, file for divorce in Maine and swear she beat me every day! (be cheaper)

As for the hunting age, I loved tagging along with Dad til I was ten. Steve is right, not sure if I really wanted to kill somthing at that age. I'm sure a lot of ******** here (in Maine) would just claim the extra tag.
MadJack said:
I'm sure a lot of ******** here (in Maine) would just claim the extra tag.
Its not about number of years for me, its all about if they are ready. My son is 6 and has been hunting at my side since he was 3. He knows how to be safe, he knows what conservation is, and he understands that he is taking an animal's life and to not be wasteful with that power. I bought him a rifle last christmas and if he can learn to shoot, I am planning on taking him to SC for opening day of deer season. If not we will wait. We are the parents, judging and education them is our job, the choice should be ours.

Chris Cobbett
Good answer and that's been the basis for my arguements at the Black Bear Blog on the subject. None of us are perfect BUT, government needs to butt out of trying to raise everbody's kid for them.
This should be a parental decision not a law.
My son is five.........he's not ready but I won't know when he is until he is. Each person is an individual. But some parents can jump the gun and that scares me. How many accidents from kids would we tolerate......or should we keep the starting age at a reasonable 10.
Welcome ccobbet, and I concur. Nice to have like-minded folks coming to this
I think we either let parents raise their kids or we don't. It won't be prefect but I think it is unfortunate that there are those kids who are ready and they miss out. Accidents are always going to happen but if you look at the statistics, if you want to believe them, the states that have no minimum age limit on hunting have fewer accidents than those who do.
I am a believer that in a system done right, removing minimum age restrictions will make us all safer in the long run.
I think Wisconsin has a pretty good idea allowing a mentor and only one gun shared between the kid and the mentor.
My kids have been learning to shoot under my wachfull eye since they were three years old. They have come with me on several upland bird and turkey hunts.
This year I think I will let my 11 year old daughter fill one of my turkey tags, she has been begging me to go.
Here she is at the range.
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I bow to your greater knowledge and your passion. I agree that government needs to let us raise our kids without their continuous interference. Each parent knows their kid best.
Who wants to start the petition?
i dont think i can help with anything like that, being im only 16
You may not be able to vote......but you can carry a clipboard. We need our youth to take up the banner of freedom and heritage as soon as they's a daily struggle to keep that which 9 out of 10 just take for granted.
Dirigo, 4 years will come and go in a flash. As an adult I may go 4 years without voting. It is good to get involved when you are young and it may also influence other 16 year olds too. :wink:
It's true Dirigo! I'll be willing to wager someone like yourself would have more influence than most every adult.
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