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Hey Everyone;

Knowing that it is the little things that we seem not to think about that always gets us in trouble with the wardens, and where turkey season is about to open, I thought it might be a good idea to list some of those little things.

1) The State of Maine no longer supplies you with a tag; don't forget to make your own. It must have your name, address, and hunting license number on it.

What else?
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You need to have a brightly colored bag to put your bird into when you kill it. I know what they show on TV and it is NOT correct! You NEVER carry a bird over your shoulder in plain view, it is a good way to get shot.
Wear orange in and out and only remove it on stand.......spring season shotgunners are out and about.
My brother almost got shot a couple years ago turkey hunting. Got permission from a farmer to hunt on his posted land, and some local idiots that just figured they'd go on his property anyway started shooting at a jake my brother had called in and decided not to shoot. He was madder than a hornet once the first shot was let out after he watched them walk up to where he was and started whistling like a madman.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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