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  1. Okay, just a general question... I am pretty "gun-illiterate" so to say. I really have no idea about guns, a few and I know very very little... Well, here is my story, maybe some one here can give me a better insight on it all...

    I have a moose hunt coming up in October.. for an antlerless. I will also be 7 1/2 months pregnant at the time. Now I have my father, my brother and my fiancee who will be going with me. They are all saying to use something different- as well as other family members, family friends, they all have given another insight on what to use..

    Well, I am really not worried about a gun that packs a punch and I have shot many, many times.. fairly decent shot so. It is ranging from .44, to 30-30 to 30-06 to 327 and a few others). All for different reasons. I really do not know much about any of these (I am more into bird hunting!)

    What do any of you suggest for a moose hunt? I do not want somethign that will send me flying through the bushes and I do not want something that I will need to fill a moose full of holes before it falls, but I also don't want to use something that will take out half the side of a moose. Haha.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Welcome Moosetowner,
    I guess you haven't had enough input from the peanut gallery, so I'll through in my two cents.
    If I were you , I'd go with the 30.06.
    Being seven months pregnant I don't think you will be going far from the truck, the ot six will reach out across them clear cuts a good stretch.
    There is plenty of power in a 180 rg. 30.06 bullet, and one well placed shot should do the trick.
    Good luck on your hunt.


    I agree with Lil John, if you do not believe the recoil to be too stiff then the 30-06 would be my pick. It should provide you with more than enough power. However, if you think you may want something a little easier on the shoulder, I would suggest a 6.5x55 sweedish. If you are not familiar with this round, it has been the standard moose cartridge in scandinavia for over 100 years. It is less powerful than a 30-06, but provides as good if not better "terminal performance" (i.e. it is just as deadly if not more so). I believe Ruger has some of the bolt actions chambered for this round. Ammunition is available at walmart for both of these rounds.

    Hope you find this info useeful. :D
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  5. Yea, you can't go wrong with a .30-06.. :wink:

    I praise you for still going out hunting while you are 7 months along. :D
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    I think you are getting some pretty good advice here Moosetowner! I concur with the 30.06 as well as the swedish Ithaca spoke of.
    There are other models that my friends have been successful with that work too. Actually, I do know one individual who placed a good shot into a big bull and brought him down immediately with a 30-30 but I would take it as my gun of choice.
    a 300 magnum would do the trick. The browning IMO doesn't kick any more than a bolt action 30.06
    I know of one man who has downed two bulls with his 7mm magnum.
    If you already own the 30.06, unless you are wealthy, use it. You won't be disappointed.
    With that said, good luck and we all want to get a report and see some pictures.
  7. Looks like we all agree that the '06 would be a good choice. Actually it's a good choice for just about anything on this continent (short of anything that might escape from Jurasic Park). I'm a fan of the old 45-70 Govt. and the factory ammo in a Marlin 1895 produces less recoil than the '06 does while throwing a 400 grain bullet - more than enough to down a moose.